Italy Private Jet Vacation

Guests will enjoy world-class accommodations at properties such as the trendsetting Armani Hotel Milano, the traditional Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the venerable Hotel de Russie in Rome, and the legendary Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily. The journey also includes many Michelin-starred restaurants on the itinerary.

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Presidential Private Jet Vacations and IC Bellagio, a founding member of The Travel Alliance have jointly organized a private jet vacation to Italy. The trip takes advantage of Presidential Aviation’s impressive fleet of luxury private jets along with the exclusively tailored ground services offered by IC Bellagio.

The 14-day travel experience begins in Sicily, with its inviting waters. Then, various private jet jaunts take travelers to Rome and Milan, before winding down in Venice. The vacation is carefully designed to showcase top attractions throughout Italy and it is also experiential in nature allowing guests to immerse themselves in the country’s culture and lifestyle.

Highlights of the trip include attending a private fashion show in the workshop of a recognized designer in Milan, a visit to an estate that produces culatello, a local delicacy, followed by lunch at the family-owned restaurant and participating in a private mask-making sessions in Venice.

Guests will enjoy world-class accommodations at properties such as the trendsetting Armani Hotel Milano, the traditional Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the venerable Hotel de Russie in Rome, and the legendary Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily. The journey also includes many Michelin-starred restaurants on the itinerary.

The trip is fully customizable down to the selection of the private jet aircraft and the ability to make changes to the proposed itinerary to pursue their own interests and lifestyles.

Italy Private Jet Vacation Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Lemon-Soaked Sicily
Start your Italian adventure in style as you step onto your own private jet ready to be whisked away to a world of wonder. On your beautifully smooth flight you can toast with a chilled glass of Prosecco as you leaf through the pages of your favorite magazine, stretch out in your plush private cabin, and let the dedicated staff plump your pillows and ensure your every comfort is completely taken care of. Sicily is waiting for you.
Day 2 Morning / Taormina, Medieval Magic and Creative Cooking
Leisurely relish a heavenly breakfast made with Sicily’s freshest ingredients form nearby farms and orchards on the hotel’s gorgeous terrace. Then go on a tour of beautiful Taormina, the town that clings to the plateau perched on the sheer gold and green slopes of Monte Tauro. The town is a melting pot of history and everywhere you peek you will see the riches and remnants of 17th century palaces, baroque churches, medieval touches, and Byzantine grandeur. Stop by the impressive ancient Greek theater with its blue water backdrop, wind through the backstreets where sleepy shutters swing shut to keep out the heat, and walk in the fascination of the historic gardens where the air is ever sweetened by plumes of blooming flowers.
Day 2 Afternoon / Taormina, Medieval Magic and Creative Cooking
For lunch, head to Ristorante Tiramisù in the historial center of Taormina. Feast on their signature dish of rigatoni alla Norma and accompany them with a careful selection of the best Sicilian wines made from grapes grown just a few miles away. Later, Enjoy a private boat trip along the Gulf of Taormina and let the pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters seduce you. See the Grotta Azzurra a WWF-managed enclave and watch Mt. Etna from the privileged Bay of Naxos. Take a dip or snorkel in the inviting waters that surround you before regaining firm ground.
Day 2 Evening / Taormina, Medieval Magic and Creative Cooking
Sicily is a haven for food lovers and you can be sparked by Michelin-starred magic as you relish an exclusive cooking show by revered Chef Pietro D’Agostino. In the graceful surroundings of Museum Villa Cuseni you can let the chef wow with his visions of orange blossom, edible flowers, fresh fish, almonds and bountiful herbs picked wild from the mountainside. Learn the secrets of Sicilian cooking as you nibble, sip, and swirl throughout the night.
Day 3 Morning / Mount Etna, Conquering Volcanos and Delicious Dining
Breakfast on the veranda with panoramic views that stretch right out across the valleys and the waters make for a dreamy start to the day. After breakfast you can prepare for an up close encounter with the sleeping giant known as Mount Etna, an excursion that will remain etched In your travel memories.
Day 3 Afternoon / Mount Etna, Conquering Volcanos and Delicious Dining
Mount Etna is always present on the shores of Sicily; her looming shadow is like a goddess standing over the island both in protection and threat. With the seasons Mount Etna changes her dress, sometimes she looks pretty in black with mists swirling, other times she is adorned in emerald greens, in winters she dusts herself down with powdered snow. As you discover the realm of Mount Etna with your naturalist guide you will see lunar landscapes carved by molten rivers, lush forests gifted by fertile volcanic soil, and craters that seem to have smashed mountains into the core of the earth. Take a cable car above the Valle del Bove, where beneath your feet canyons are cut by ancient lava flows. For those with a penchant for adrenaline sports, Mount Etna offers the ideal spot for paragliding. Weather permitting, you can paraglide in tandem with a senior instructor who will show the rainbow of colors formed by the contrasts between the surrounding hills, lush greenery and white beaches around a blue sea. A truly unique experience.
Day 3 Evening / Mount Etna, Conquering Volcanos and Delicious Dining
Still thrilled with the exhilaration of conquering a volcano you can calm your spirits with dinner at another of Taormina’s exquisite places to eat. At the Zagara Resaurant you can sit on the sweeping white terrace gazing out at startling views across the rooftops and right out to the sea. Savor the singing notes of lemony risotto, pink and delicious raw prawns, and orange sorbet on a cloud of cotton candy.
Day 4 Morning / Rome, All Skies Lead to the Eternal City
After a final breakfast in the balmy Sicilian morning you will have a fuss-free transfer back to the airport. Climb aboard your luxury private jet for a seamless flight to Rome, home of the mighty Colosseum where the roar of history can still be heard, the marble and gold Vatican City stands immersed in splendor, and the piazzas are alive with age-old stories and chic cafes. As soon as you land, your private driver is at your disposal to take you through the streets of Rome and show you the highlights of the world’s most evocative empire.
Day 4 Afternoon / Rome, All Skies Lead to the Eternal City
Take the afternoon to spend time with your own personal shopper exploring the designer fashion houses, the Made in Italy specialties, and the softest leather goods to be found along the Campo dei Fiori or Piazza Navona.
Day 4 Evening / Rome, All Skies Lead to the Eternal City
Fall in love with your first evening in the Eternal City with a regal private dining experience in the Palazzo Patrizi. This noble Roman palace is filled to the brim with ornate furnishings, mythic frescos, and precious rooms where the aristocratic family from Siena lived in style since 1642. Toast crystal glasses filled with elegant wines and nibble on exceptional antipasti before sitting down to a delectable dinner.Join scores of royalty and celebrity icons with a celebrated stay at the Hotel De Russie only a stone’s throw away from the thriving Spanish steps and the alluring Piazza del Popolo. This is exceptional service at its finest - order your preferred bedding from the pillow and duvet menu, sip a spectacular martini in the perfumed Secret Garden, and find all the home comforts you could want in the pretty pastel colored light and airy suites.
Day 5 Morning / Underground Adventures and Afterhours in Vatican City
Delight in unforgettable Roman breakfast and linger over your coffee as you listen to the sounds of the city stir to life. You can take a rare excursion behind-the-scenes of the inspirational American Academy in Rome. Home of distinguished scholars, artists, and intellectuals, you can tour the academy and stroll the organic gardens that sprawl across the highest point of the Roman hills. Go behind the scenes at the glorious Villa Aurelia where you will have the occasion to watch some exciting and internationally acclaimed virtuosos at work. Mingle and converse with this prestigious community over a buffet lunch.
Day 5 Afternoon / Underground Adventures and Afterhours in Vatican City
The Eternal City is a place of secrets, as layer after layer of history builds up ensuring that behind every door and hidden in every nook and cranny there is a trove of old world treasures laying to be discovered. Go underground, beneath the stone beauty of the Basilica of San Clemente where the mysterious temple of a Persian god and complex of original Roman houses sit in the gloom and glory of the underworld.Finish up in the achingly trendy neighborhood of Trastevere, a place where sun drenched piazzas throng with local life, this is the ideal spot to duck into sleepy churches, order a glass of Prosecco and people watch, and lose you way in the off the beaten track back streets.
Day 5 Evening / Underground Adventures and Afterhours in Vatican City
A once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits, the opportunity to sneak into the glory of the Sistine Chapel and the wealth of the Vatican Museum after dark. A specialist guide will take you through the labyrinth like rooms where Raphael rarities and Michelangelo magic adorns every twist and turn. Soak up some of the world’s most important art works, hear the stories that sing through the opulent corridors, and learn the secrets waiting in the wings. Finish with an intimate dinner at Il Pagliaccio where you can revel in a sublime array of dishes that blend Renaissance Italian cuisine with a modern twist, earning it two highly coveted Michelin stars.
Day 6 Morning / Rome, Castelgandolfo and Crisp White Wines
The area of Castelli Romani boasts a tangle of wealthy estates, sun glazed vineyards, shimmering lakes and pastel hued hills just begging to be stumbled upon. Pay special attention to Castelgandolfo where the Pope makes his summer residence but the town has many more attraction on its own right. Admire the wonderful works of architect Gianlorenzo Bernini and the sculptures by Danish artist Bertel Thorvaldsen inside Giuseppe Valadier's Delizia Carolina.
Day 6 Afternoon / Rome, Castelgandolfo and Crisp White Wines
Have an Italian-style extended lunch at the family-owned Ristorante Pagnanelli to savor the most authentic Lazio cuisine with the freshest local ingredients while enjoying a charming view of Lake Albano. You will be amazed by the huge and well stocked wine cellar dug into the tufo stone with the widest selection of wines from the Lazio wine route. Share your wine preferences with the owners so that they can orchestrate the perfect pairing of food and wines.
Day 6 Evening / Rome, Castelgandolfo and Crisp White Wines
Dazzle your taste buds with the tip of perfection as you dine at the only restaurant in Rome to boast three Michelin stars. La Pergola is famed for its signature dish of Fagottelli La Pergola, a glorious rendition of homemade parcels of golden pasta housing a creamy rich carbonara.
Day 7 Morning / Milan, Armani Suites and Fashion Shows
After one final loving look at the Spanish Steps flushing pink and gold in the early morning sunrise, it’s time to transfer back to the airport for your private jet flight to the voguish streets of Milan. On board you can sip a mimosa and dream of roaming one of the chicest cities on the planet. Touching down at Linate Airport your own chauffeur is ready to whisk you away to the centre of the city where beautiful young things become animated over Campari aperitifs and the designer windows tempt you in.
Day 7 Afternoon / Milan, Armani Suites and Fashion Shows
A lavish welcome in the fashionista city awaits you with an utterly exclusive and private fashion show at the atelier of a recognized designer. This is your chance to buy one-off pieces, to chat with the young and highly acclaimed designer, to laugh along with the models, and to touch the beguiling fabrics.
Day 7 Evening / Milan, Armani Suites and Fashion Shows
Spend a refined evening faultlessly tailored to taste at the exceptionally well put together two-Michelin-star Ristorante Sadler. The restaurant is focused on balance, from the clean bright lines of the design right down to the clear flavors that have been married from the most select ingredients and served with just the right amount of flourish. Upon arrival into Milan, you will have been checked into the Armani Hotel Milano, a place that oozes with the clean lines and iconic style of one of the most important fashion designers that has ever lived. Giorgio Armani is said to have curated every last detail in this divine hotel where cool suites are as sleek and sexy as the gadgets that fill them and windows boast breath-taking views of the skyline shimmering with a blaze of lights after dark.
Day 8 Morning / Milan, Slow Cured Meats and Sweet Cheeses
Coffee does not come any better than the Italian way, flawlessly roasted and with a tinge of chocolate to coat your tongue, take the morning to savor every sip. This will be a day that will take you dip into the culinary marvel of Italian tradition in the heart of the Kingdom of Culatello. Culatello is one of the most cherished local delicacies in which the hind leg of the pig is rubbed and salted with dry white wine, garlic, and cracked pepper before being slowly cured in a timeless technique. Visit the age-old cellars and admire the thousands of culatelli hanging in the cool and the plump wheels of Parmesan on shelves.
Day 8 Afternoon / Milan, Slow Cured Meats and Sweet Cheeses
For lunch, you can experience the Michelin-starred restaurant Antica Corte Pallavicina on property, sampling the hedonistic array of locally produced cold meats and cheeses in a specially catered menu, accompanied by sommelier-selected wines from the most acclaimed viticultural regions of Italy, all in a rural environment. This will be a meal you are unlikely to forget.
Day 8 Evening / Milan, Slow Cured Meats and Sweet Cheeses
The spa at the top floor of Armani Hotel Milano reflects the “Armani lifestyle and design philosophies” and it is unlike any other - from the Armani hallmark atmosphere to the personal consultation to tailor your treatment so that you can receive a “unique sensory experience”. It is simply the quintessential complement to your day and memorable meal in the countryside.
Day 9 Morning / Lake Como, Vintage Countryside Drives and Romantic Shorelines
After a delectable hotel breakfast, you will have a vintage car at your disposal for the day. Today is all about sitting behind the wheel, feeling the light breeze tousle your hair and letting the stunning scenery of the countryside unfold. Drive around the glorious area of Monza with its sprawling walled park, its enchanting 18th century summer palaces, its ancient Romanesque church said to hold The Iron Crown created using one of the nails from the crucifixion.
Day 9 Afternoon / Lake Como, Vintage Countryside Drives and Romantic Shorelines
Spend time exploring the watercolor paradise of Lake Como, drive through sublime stony villages and shorelines laced in romance, watch the light change color as the sun rambles around the rise and fall of the Prealps mountains that loom in the background, listen for the peeling bells that echo from the Basilica di San Fedele in the historic centre of Como and pull up in the penciled smudge of green hills for a perfect picnic of plump olives, warm bread, cured meats and roasted Roman artichokes.
Day 9 Evening / Lake Como, Vintage Countryside Drives and Romantic Shorelines
After a day touring the charming lakes, rambling through hilltop towns, and stretching your legs by strolling along waterfront promenades it’s time to head back to the city for another appetite rousing dinner. Dine in the inspiring ambience of a poet’s place at Larte, a stylish unique spot that regularly hosts residential chefs from across the breadth of Italy, ensuring that no two months are ever the same. Indulge in food that tells the story of place before finishing up with one of their mouth-watering treats from the signature chocolate bar.
Day 10 Morning / Milan, Designer Days and Operatic Tours
Take a little time to splurge as you hit the trendy streets of Milan with your very own personal shopper. Hailed as the Fashion Capital of the World this is your chance to add even more style and grace to your very own wardrobe. Heavenly Italian brands, boutique beauties, supple leather shoes and bags, and so much more. Your personal shopper is there to advise and help you select the perfect pieces that intricately suit your own lifestyle, complexion and preference.
Day 10 Afternoon / Milan, Designer Days and Operatic Tours
Music lovers will be in their element as you set off on a private visit of La Scala di Milano. Walk in the footsteps of some of Italy’s emblematic composers. See the original scores and instruments at the richly filled Museum La Scala, visit the burial sites of Verdi and Toscanini, and visit a wealth of beautifully restored theatres on this cultural excursion to unveil the finery of the city. Depending on trip dates, La Scala visit may be in the company of a well known performer
Day 10 Evening / Milan, Designer Days and Operatic Tours
Celebrate the end of a grand day draped in finery with dinner at the incredible Michelin-starred Ristorante VUN, with Chef Andrea Aprea creating complex courses to be paired with wines from its magnificent cellar. The exquisiteness of the raw ingredients combined with the creative cooking techniques and the presentation on Paul Smith hand-painted china makes for a mesmerizing meal that is truly an opera for your palate.
Day 11 Morning / Venice, Soft Lit Lagoons and Regal Splendor
Say farewell to the fashionable city as your private jet climbs above the clouds for a short and placid flight to the meandering waterways and masked windows of magical Venice. After touching down you will be transported to your own private water taxi to take you to your sumptuous hotel. Navigate through the maze of canals throughout the emblematic city. Beneath arched elaborate bridges and past pretty crumbling houses right on the water, this is the only way to arrive.
Day 11 Afternoon / Venice, Soft Lit Lagoons and Regal Splendor
Led by a sommelier, begin your Veneto visit with a jaunt down the rolling hills of Treviso towards Valdobbiadene, the cradle of prosecco. You will welcomed at a known producer of this famous sparkling wine for a private tour of their facilities and an in-depth explanation of the prosecco process. Be fascinated by the cellars and galleries that hold the precious liquid and learn about their secrets from your accompanying sommelier. Later, you will be presented with a delicious lunch especially designed to bring out the crisp flavor of prosecco and ending with a grappa tasting.
Day 11 Evening / Venice, Soft Lit Lagoons and Regal Splendor
Check into the venerable Hotel Cipriani on the tip of Giudecca Island, a short water taxi ride to St. Mark's Square. With your own private plunge pool, balconies overlooking the soft lit lagoon and a 15th century palace as part of the empire, you will feel the regal splendor follow you with every step. Live a whimsical evening beneath the burning bright stars of Venice with a rooftop dinner at Terrazza Danieli. Sitting at a white linen table with astounding views across the flushed pink sky filling the waterways with shades of lilac and gold it’s easy to get swept away in the grand romance of the moment. Order something singular from the wine list and savor the original Venetian-style fish in tapered surroundings that make you want to stay well into the night.
Day 12 Morning / Venice, Murano Glass and Hand-Crafted Bellini’s
After breakfast you can climb aboard a water taxi for a fabulous morning taking a personalized tour of the islands of Venice. On the island of Murano you can visit the oldest and most famous glass blowing factory in Italy and the home of the highly revered Murano Glass. Take a behind-the-scenes tour to see the tradition take place, admire the astonishing painted creations that seem to capture the rainbow light, and perhaps even pick a few pieces to have transported back home.
Day 12 Afternoon / Venice, Murano Glass and Hand-Crafted Bellini’s
Enjoy a dazzling lunch affair at Locanda Cipriani on the delightful Torcello Island adrift in the lagoon. With the hotel called the last pearl in the business you can expect lavish attentive service as you graze on carpaccio and drink sommelier choice wines of the finest Venetian variety. Spend the afternoon shopping in St. Mark’s Square, losing yourself in the gorgeous backstreets and admiring the feathered and sequined masks that splash every window in vibrant color.
Day 12 Evening / Venice, Murano Glass and Hand-Crafted Bellini’s
Choose one of the many delectable restaurants in Venice to dine at. Order a hand-crafted Bellini and carlina scampi at Harry’s Bar- the best loved restaurant in town, or choose stuffed zucchini flowers and flamboyant seafood at Osteria Oliva Nera, tucked away just behind the sweeping Grand Canal.
Day 13 Morning / Foodie Affairs and Mask Making
Venetian food is a revered affair, one that tantalizes the senses and pierces your heart with a rustic and rich sentimentality. After a peaceful breakfast you can meet with a renowned chef (∴) author of several books for a dazzling journey through the food markets, artisan shops and eateries that make the City of Water so famous. Taste coffee blends from across the globe at the popular Antico Caffè del Doge, wander the stalls stuffed with soft shelled crabs, bright bountiful vegetables and perfectly dusted pastries at the Rialto fish and vegetable market, and stop at Millevini to browse their shelves brimming with great stocks and fine wines. Take a trip back in time with an exploration of 14th century Venetian dishes at Bistrot De Venise. Here you can find rare regional wines, old fashioned ravioli stuffed with almonds and ricotta cheese, soft crabs, and sturgeon baked with grapes.
Day 13 Afternoon / Foodie Affairs and Mask Making
You can test your own artistic prowess with a mask making workshop. Go purely theatrical with an assortment of paper mache, leather, ceramic, iron, and varnish as you curate something that captures the splendor of the time-honored Venetian aristocracy and the flourish of Carnival.
Day 13 Evening / Foodie Affairs and Mask Making
For your final dinner in Venice you can truly pull out all the stops at the glamorous Cip’s Club. With original artwork adorning the walls, a marvelous terrace peeking out over the water and a high-class international reputation for serving native Venetian cuisine in a truly gilded environment.
Day 14 Departure / Farewell to a Roman Holiday
After one final crossing of the lyrical waters of Venice, it’s time to climb aboard your private jet for the journey home. Leaving is a sweet sorrow but as soon as your luxurious private jet reaches cruising altitude you will have a seamless flight of pure comfort and class, remembering the finery, the food, and the unfaltering history of Italy. Out of respect and privacy considerations, the specifics of these persons or locations will be shared with seriously interested parties only.


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