Israel and Jordan Private Jet Vacation

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Presidential Private Jet Vacations has added an Israel and Jordan private jet vacation to its collection of bespoke luxury holidays around the world by private jet.

The 12-day journey allows guests to experience an authentic perspective of Israel, old and new, and provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy total immersion in the local way of life by participating in various activities and events.

Visit Biblical sites such as the Via Dolorosa, the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. Other historically and culturally significant occasions include Yad Vashem – a living memorial to the Holocaust, the Golan Heights, and Masada.

Among the varied events guests may choose to take part in are the celebration of the coming of the Sabbath at the Kotel in Jerusalem, meetings with a ranking IDF officer and a Palestinian-Israeli journalist and former television producer for a major U.S. network, paragliding over the Dead Sea, and visiting a Tel Aviv market with a highly regarded native chef.

After taking a short flight to Eilat and crossing Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, the journey ends with a curated tour of Petra, the magnificent Rose City carved into the red cliffs.

The private jet vacation trip can be fully customized to the interests, tastes, and lifestyle preferences of guests – down to the selection of the privet aircraft of their choice.

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Israel & Jordan Private Jet Itinerary

Day 1 / Arrival in Tel Aviv
Welcome to the Cosmopolitan Capital
Day 2 / Tel Aviv
Art Galleries, Minarets and Markets
Day 3 / Tel Aviv
Fashion, Fun and Graffiti Tours
Day 4 / Galilee
Ancient Towns and Crusader Charm
Day 5 / Galilee
The Cradle of Christianity and Jewish Mysticism
Day 6 / Golan Heights
Explore the Rugged Terrain
Day 7 / Jerusalem
Celebrate the Shabbat
Day 8 / Jerusalem
Follow the Via Dolorosa
Day 9 / Jerusalem
Stand Atop the Mount of Olives
Day 10 / Dead Sea
From the Highest Cloud to the Lowest Point
Day 11 / Wadi Rum to Petra
Set Foot in the Valley of the Moon
Day 12 / Petra
Discover the Rose City


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